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Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm PST
of hackers.targeting u.s. interests. the company dismisses china's denials that the report is 'baseless.' looking 12-story building in shanghai is actually the headquarters of the hackers. military experts believe the hacking unit is part of the people's liberation army.andunder the direct command of china's version of the joint chiefs of staff. china has long been accused of hacking and stealing trade secrets -- and has always >> catherine: masked thieves made off with 50-million dollars worth of diamonds at an airport in brussels, belgium. this is the scene.where investigators now are wondering if it was an inside job. an airport spokesman says it took 8 thieves just three minutes to grab the diamonds from the cargo hold of a plane. the diamonds were being flown to switzerland. the thieves arrived in two cars -- got past a security gate - and sped off after grabbing the diamonds. they were heavily armed - but no shots were fired. >> we are dealing with scattered showers. as we take a look at the self some snowfall. and a lightning strike and the south bay rainfall over high 101 and ne
Feb 21, 2013 5:00pm PST
to wall. somebody's china fell off, stay in your homes and watch kron. but no, the woman opened to you in where? >> morgan hill. >> and it was, nope, no problem. bring the end, you were like, please, anything? effect was fine, right? >> we have to hear from the people that were there. >>> and a special memorial for the late laker owner jerry buss at the north america can theater. jeannie buss and her fee san say joe jackson. all the lives that buss has touched, shaq won 3 titles for mr. buss. let's hear from shaquile o'neal and madgic johnson. >> he gave me everything inwanted. i wanted an education tension, he gave it to me. i wanted a second extypings, he gave it to me. i wanted a third extension, he traded me. [ laughter ] >> this is a celebration of life. this is a celebration of success. we shouldn't be sad. we should be happy that this man enjoyed his life and did it his way. >> real whole thing today. >>> danica, danica, and more danica. she holds the pole position for daytona 500. here we go. harvick taking the checkered flag. he played it safe, finishing 17th in this event. da
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2